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Test: Dynafit Ultra 50 running shoes

We check how Dynafit trail running shoes perform on mountain trails and forest paths. Here is our independent test of the Ultra 50 model.

Ultra 50 is a comfortable off-road shoe. A wide upper with sturdy walls and a soft collar around the midfoot makes them comfortable to wear. There is quite a bit of space in the front of the shoe, so your feet get tired less during long runs. Traditional lacing allows to tighten the shoe firmly on the midfoot and optimally fit the foot. The tongue is thick and soft, so that when tying firmly you do not feel the pressure of the laces – this is a very big advantage of these shoes. The Ultra 50 is designed for running in demanding terrain and actually performs very well in mountain conditions.

The shoes are comfortable, they do not press, and the laces do not untie – they are soft and slightly flexible, and on top of that they can be tucked in the tongue cover, which avoids catching on protruding roots, stones etc. This is another advantage of these shoes, a solution spoykated in other models of running shoes, but not in all of them.

According to the manufacturer, the front of the shoe has been reinforced with TPU inserts, which further protects the toes from direct hits on hard obstacles. All these features make me confidently recommend the Ultra 50 to anyone, even the most demanding runner.

The shoes do not have a membrane, but the rather thick and dense fabric of the upper makes them moderately breathable. Therefore, they will work better in spring and autumn or summer in higher mountains, i.e. anywhere that is not too warm. During hot weather, their breathability is too low. They do get wet in the rain, but this is no more bothersome than in other shoes.

Resistance to damage and durability of the Ultra 50 model is very good. After running 300 km, I didn't notice any creases in the most sensitive areas, i.e. on the bend of the fingers. The usual ripples that appear here are a harbinger of cracks in the not-too-distant future. This is a testament to the well-crafted design. The sole also did not lose its cushioning properties, which clearly indicates the good quality of the materials used.


And it's the sole that is another big selling point of this model by Dynafit. The cushioning system is excellent, the sole is thick, the firmness adjusted perfectly. The shoes are not too soft, during downhill runs, when there are high loads, they cushion as needed. Under the foot, you can not feel small loose stones, which can be painful when the sole is too thin. During a leisurely run on the flat, the hardness of the sole is just right, and it's easy to transition to a more dynamic run. The 8mm drop also seems to be just right. The shoes are not excessively deep, some may feel that they hold the foot too shallowly, but the manufacturer has used an additional DYNAFIT Heel Preloader support on the heel, which makes the shoe hold very well.


The tread made in the form of "studs" is, in my opinion, the best type of tread for off-road shoes, successfully used by other manufacturers as well. The rubber used by Dynafit of the brand „POMOCA” has excellent grip. Running on hard flat surfaces, which on top of that are often sloped (large flat stones in the mountains), I did not feel any problems with traction. In this type of terrain, even when wet, I felt reasonably comfortable. Of course, this does not apply to mud, on which nothing sticks.


The Ultra 50 are not record-breakers in terms of low weight, but the comfort of use completely balances this minor excess weight. In size 42 EU they weigh about 310 g.