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Pieniny for all seasons. What to see and where to go? [Sponsored]

Recent years have shown that Poles love the mountains and spend time here at any time of the year. The undisputed leader in this regard are the Tatra Mountains, the Giant Mountains and the Bieszczady Mountains, which can count on a large group of takers, regardless of the weather and the month. Anyone who wants to relax close to nature and away from the tourist hustle and bustle should opt for Pieniny. Why?

Pieniny is a mountain region that is distinguished by all that is most beautiful when relaxing in the mountains (fot. partner materials)

What the uniqueness of Pieniny is in?

Pieniny is a mountain region that stands out for all that is most beautiful when relaxing in the mountains. Here we have magnificent mountain peaks, scenic walking trails, the most beautiful mountain gorge in Poland, or numerous opportunities for active recreation.

Pieniny is a mountain range, located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. On the eastern side it neighbors the Maly Pieniny, on the western side it neighbors the Spiš Pieniny. Referred to as the Proper, the Pieniny Mountains stretch from Czorsztyn and Niedzica to the Dunajec Gorge between Lesnica and Kroscienko. The length of the range is 12 km, the width is 3.5-4 km, and the total area is 35 km². Most of this area is part of the Pieniny National Park, which means it is under strict protection.

Despite the fact that it is not a large mountain region, when planning our dream accommodation in Pieniny, we can be sure that we will be able to take advantage of a really well-developed accommodation base, offering both rooms, cottages and apartments. Plus numerous attractions – both natural and historical sites, which are frequented by tourists from all over the country and beyond.

What to do in Pieniny and where to go?

Deciding to spend the night in Pieniny, we can be sure that boredom will not bother us. This mountain region offers a wide package of opportunities for every age group, which only underscores the advantage of this magnificent mountain region.

The mountains are undoubtedly the most important attraction of this region, but it is also worth realizing that in the Pieniny region you will find various fantastic places that you can visit and explore, even in bad weather.

Deciding to go on mountain expeditions, our must-do point should definitely be climbing the Three Crowns and Sokolica, which we should successfully complete in a day. There should also be a hike in the most beautiful mountain gorge, which undoubtedly includes the Homole Gorge, from which we can boldly set off to the High Rocks (Wysoka), the highest peak in the Pieniny Mountains, whose height is 1050 m n.p.m. A trip along the most beautiful route along the Dunajec Gorge (Pienińska Road), which we can use to get to the Red Monastery, located on the Slovak side, will also be a must here.

Among the must-see points for any tourist who plans to spend the night in the Pieniny Mountains should definitely be included:

  • Czorsztyn Castle
  • Dunajec castle in Niedzica
  • St. Anne’s Church. Church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle in Niedzica
  • Hydroelectric power plant in Niedzica
  • Spa Park in Szczawnica
  • Gothic church of St. St. Michael the Archangel in Debno
  • The wooden Gothic church of St. St. Martin’s Church in Grywald

The variety of opportunities offered by the Pieniny Mountains means that we won’t be bored here and are sure to spend unforgettable moments, regardless of the season. As a kind of icing on the cake, consider the rafting trip down the Dunajec River Gorge, which is organized by local rafters from April 1 to October 31.

Accommodation in Pieniny

As mentioned earlier, the Pieniny boasts well-developed accommodation services. Finding accommodation for every budget should not be a problem here.

Among the most popular choices in the Pieniny accommodation category are: lodgings and rooms, cottages, apartments and guesthouses. The cost of accommodation depends on the location and the level of service provided. The wide range of offers available will make it easy for everyone to find something for themselves at the right price.

The average price for an overnight stay in Pieniny is 192 PLN. However, the most favorable in the offer are lodgings and rooms, where we will pay for accommodation starting from PLN 30 per person. Accommodation prices are individually determined by the owners of the facilities, so they may differ slightly from the assumptions. In some places, such as. In Szczawnica, there is an additional tourist tax of PLN 3 per person per day, which is added to the basic cost of accommodation.